Get your organisation ready for Security 4.0

Nowadays people and data are always connected: IoT sensors, mobile devices, apps, collaboration tools, big data, 5G networks, cloud solutions, … People expect to be able to connect to data anywhere, anytime and anyplace. These modern times of connectivity and accessibility require new security solutions and an integrated approach. Securitas delivers secure services enabling people & machines to connect and access data in a performant, reliable and secure way.

From traditional technology

Traditionally companies divided the Information Technology from the Operational Technology. Access control, video surveillance, IoT sensors were considered as Operational Technology. And Information Technology included the network infrastructure, cybersecurity, data center and servers. More and more cloud services were added as well.

Typically Operational Technology was managed by Facilities, whereas IT departments were responsible for Information Technology.

To a converging world

Machines and people don’t just operate in one part of the edge, or with one application in the cloud. The data machines generates in the edge are being processed by applications in the cloud. And the data that people need at home for running their business application sits in the data centre in headquarters.

This means that the arbitrary distinction between OT and IT doesn’t hold anymore in the converging and interconnected world we work and live in.

Driven by state-of-the-art secure ICT

Companies and governmental institutions are in digital transformation to offer more added value to their customers or citizens. This means new business applications, mobile services and enhanced user experience. This digital transformation is only possible with state-of-the-art operational security technology and intelligent security solutions.

Securitas has an extensive portfolio of Managed ICT Security services to protect your digital environment. Experts in the Securitas Operations Center not only react to alarm situations but Articificial Intelligence based security solutions also allow for proactive measures.

Managed ICT Security services & solutions for core, cloud and edge with operational interventions all over Belgium

Securitas Managed ICT Security services & solutions

It’s all about the data, so we manage it

Whether data is being generated or being accessed, it’s all about data. So Securitas starts with building the right data management foundation. From on premise server, storage, network and data center to all kinds of cloud solutions.

  • Server, storage & network infrastructure
    • Consolidation
    • Standardisation
    • Optimalisation & monitoring
  • Data management
    • Backup
    • Restore
    • Archiving
  • Datacenter facilities
    • Rack design & install
    • Airco
    • Power & UPS
  • Securitas datacenter
    • Private & Public cloud
    • Hybrid cloud
    • Cloud broker

We ensure data protection & control

Regulations ask for more professional security governance. And malware and hackers require more sophisticated security protection. Securitas has the necessary methodologies, experience and partners to fulfill your data governance and security requirements.

  • Compliancy
    • GDPR & privacy
    • Security audit
    • Data archiving
    • DLP & BCP
  • Protection & security
    • Firewall
    • End point protection
    • Mail protection
    • Encryption
    • Communication security
  • Secure cloud
    • Cloud backup
    • FWAAS
    • Encryption
    • Securitas datacenter

We facilitate your data to be easily accessible

Colleagues and customers expect instant access to the right data or application, no matter where they are or which device they are using. With virtual desktops, secure connectivity and cloud services Securitas allows data mobility and secure access.

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
    • BYOD
    • Mobile workforce
    • Application management
  • Secure connectivity
    • Wired
    • Wireless
  • Secure cloud
    • FWAAS
    • Encryption
    • Securitas datacenter
  • IoT
    • Big data
    • Smart cities
    • Securitas datacenter

Prevention is the best remedy

Every activity by people or machine results in data, in big data. Artificial Intelligence turns this big data into insights. And Securitas uses these insights to continuously analyze your network and security in order for you to work smarter and to better protect your network.

  • Network analytics
    • Insider threat & external attack analysis
  • Security analytics
    • Cyber security
  • Social media analytics
    • Network behavior analysis
  • SIEM
    • Securitas data protection services

Service capabilities with major vendors

In addition to our own experts and our 24 x 7 Securitas Operations Center, Securitas works closely with its partners to ensure service capabilities towards customers.

Let’s talk about Security 4.0 in your organisation